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Soundwave Therapy

Soundwave Therapy with Our Chiropractor

For those looking for top-tier chiropractic care in West Seneca, look no further than Universal Chiropractic P.C. Our chiropractor and the rest of our care team want to help you feel your best and experience lasting pain relief. To do so, we use the latest technology and care techniques, including soundwave therapy. If you're new to chiropractic care and want to learn more about soundwave treatment and its many benefits, read below or visit our clinic for a consultation!


What Is Soundwave Therapy?

Soundwave therapy is an innovative and noninvasive approach to pain relief. It uses high-frequency sound waves to send out pulses of energy that penetrate deep into the tissue to reduce swelling, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation. This treatment has been proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Soundwave Therapy?

Soundwave therapy provides various benefits, including relieving pain, improving mobility and flexibility, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation to areas of injury or discomfort, promoting healing and tissue repair, and helping restore function. In addition, our patients love that sound wave therapy is non-invasive. This means you can receive treatment without surgery or medication.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

Our chiropractor must conduct a physical exam and review your medical history before recommending soundwave therapy. Once they have determined you are a candidate, they can explain the process in full detail, discuss potential side effects or risks, and answer any questions you may have. In addition, our chiropractor can guide lifestyle modifications that can help support your recovery and keep you feeling your best for the long term.

At Universal Chiropractic P.C., we believe in providing comprehensive care to our patients and strive to ensure that everyone who visits us leaves feeling better than when they arrived. If you're looking for quality chiropractic care in West Seneca, take the first time and schedule an appointment. We'll use your first appointment to get to the root cause of your pain and develop a treatment plan that works for you.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Soundwave Therapy

In that case, turn to Universal Chiropractic P.C. in West Seneca, NY. Our team is here to help you feel your best and experience the benefits of sound wave therapy. Contact us at (716) 822-2225 to find out more or schedule your appointment!