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Vitamin Facts

Nutritional Questions

Why Are Standard Process Supplements (Vitamins) Better Than Most?

Standard process supplements are the best in the market because they are a whole food supplement. They are made from actual fruits and vegetables versus most supplements that are synthetic, chemically made. The fruits and vegetables that standard process uses to make their supplements come from an organic farm in Wisconsin.

How Do I Know Which Supplements (Vitamins) Are the Best For Me?

At Universal Chiropractic, we have patients fill out a “system survey” which consists of 250 questions pertaining to your health. After filling out the survey we will enter the data into the software program which will then tell us which areas of your body need the most attention and which supplements will work best for you.

Do I need Supplements or Vitamins?

In today’s world most people do. We are being stripped of Nutrition in many ways.

Does Dr. Z offer any weight loss programs?

We have one of the most effective tools in the WNY market!  Call us today to learn more… and ask about our 21 day purification program.

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