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Why are Dr. Z’s Costs Comparatively Low?

In the past, chiropractors were limited as to the types of decompression tables that were available. Chiropractors were spending over $100,000.00 per spinal decompression table! That made the cost per treatment very expensive –  up to a $250 per session!

Thankfully, technology has caught up with spinal decompression tables. Now, a chiropractor can spend under $15,000 for a more effective decompression table that gives the doctor more options for treatment of an individual’s condition.

Essentially, doctors are now able to buy better tables at a lower cost and in return, his or her patients receive better care at a rate they can afford!

Think of a flatscreen TV. 10 years ago a lesser quality TV cost more money than one that you can buy today. It’s the same with decompression tables. – Dr. Z